After starting up Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters from the desktop or the Start Menu, you can select one of following options from the main menu by clicking on the words or associated button:
Play Online to help the Space Rangers at Disneyland® park defeat the evil Emperor Zurg.
Training Mission to practice the basics and prepare for playing online.
Instructions to read an overview of the controls.
Options to change the sound and graphics settings.
Quit to exit.
Once you have clicked on Play Online, you will need to complete the following steps:
Enter your Disney Member Name and Password in the text boxes and then click on Login. If you do not have a user name then click on "Register Now" to register and obtain a name that you can use.
On the next screen, enter your Display Name in the text box and then click on Verify. This is your special name that no one else has, and it is what others will see during the rest of the mission.
Select a ship from the available list on the left side of the next screen and then click on Go to Space Port. Each ship has different degrees of difficulty, speed, firing rate and weapon damage, so try each one to see which ship you like best!
At the spaceport, you will need to decide whether you will play with a buddy or with another scout. If you want to play with the first available scout, then click on the "Team Up with Next Available Space Ranger" checkbox and then click "Launch".
If you want to play with someone you know, enter their Display name in the text box on the left side of the screen. Then click on Add to Buddy List to add them to your buddy list. Make sure your buddy has also added your Display Name to his or her list too. Once both you and your buddy are in each other's lists, click on your buddy's name. If your buddy is online and ready to play, his/her name will be highlighted with a green symbol. Click on "Launch" to invite your buddy to team up with you, then wait while your buddy accepts your invitation. If your buddy accepts, then you'll both be placed in line.
Now you are in line. Your wait depends on how many players are in line. If the wait is long, you have the choice to click on Practice to launch the training mission. You won't lose your place in line while playing the training mission. Once you reach the front of the line, you will start playing online with the player you are teamed with and two Space Rangers at Disneyland® park.
Your mission goal is to stop Zurg from stealing the fusion cells and protect the Green Planet from his attack. You do this in three ways:
Shoot and disable Zurg's robots and spaceships.
Collect the fusion cells that are floating about.
Rescue Green Squadron members who escape.
Pay attention to the special targets marked with a special 'Z' symbol.By hitting these targets, you help out the Space Rangers at Disneyland® park. Also pay attention to Buzz Lightyear's commands; he'll give you direction during the mission.
Be alert for the special "Save Me" symbol that identifies members of Green Squadron that have escaped from Zurg's clutches with the help of the Disneyland® park Space Rangers. Grab them and you are awarded a large point bonus.
To learn how to use your flight controls, read the section in the Training Mission below. Also gain some practice by flying the training mission.
Once you have clicked on Training Mission, you will need to select the ship you want to fly from the list of ships on the left side of the screen. After doing so, click Begin Mission.
The controls to maneuver your ships and fire its weapons are simple:
To maneuver your ship and aim your weapon, move the target sight around the screen by moving the mouse. To fire your weapon, simply click the left mouse button. Hold down the button for repeat fire.
To pick up objects, use the Retrievo-beam that is attached to your ship: aim the target sight at the object you want to pick up, the click the right mouse button. The Retrievo-beam will shoot out and grab the object, then pull it back into your ship. If the object is one of special power fusion cells (green, red or yellow), then it will give your ship a temporary power-up. The fusion cells are color-coded to indicate what kind of power-up they contain:
A green fusion cell contains a power shield that protects your ship from enemy fire.
A red fusion cell contains a weapon fire boost that increases the firing rate of your weapon.
A yellow fusion cell contains a power blast that automatically destroys several nearby enemies.
Remember that these power-up effects are only temporary!
Clicking on Options allows you to adjust your video, sound and settings. The video settings control the resolution and the number of colors that you see on the screen. Changing these settings can also improve the speed and smoothness of the experience. The sound settings allow you to independently adjust the loudness of sound effects, the voices and the music. The settings allow you to adjust the degree of difficulty from normal to hard to extremely hard.
When first starting, the normal level of difficulty is recommended, but for added challenge for continued play, increase the level of difficulty. You can also turn off the text display that accompanies Buzz's instructions, as well the Web camera images that are displayed in the lower left hand corner of the screen. As well, if you have received a Virtual FastPass code, you can enter it in the text box provided on this screen.
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Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters is inspired by a Walt Disney Pictures presentation of a Pixar Anima